BEI DE鸭博视频电机有哪些安装方式?详细说明-西门子电机


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                BEI DE鸭博视频电机有哪些安装方式?详细说明

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                1TL0 系列鸭博视频电机电动机是全新设计的高效低压三相异步电动机,机壳为铸铁,适用于连续工作制(S1)工作运行。
                1TL0 系列电动机具有效率高、结构新颖、造型美观、噪音低、振动小、绝缘等级高等特点,可用于风机、泵、压缩机、纺织机械等多种工业应用领域。
                通过采用 1TL0 系列电动机,客户可以节能达 10 %,这有利于提升客户的行业地位,增强其产品的竞争力!
                1TL0 series of motors is the newly designed high efficiency low voltage three phase asynchronous motor, the housing material is cast iron, is designed for continuous duty operation(S1). 1TL0 series of motors owns the features of
                high efficiency, novel structure, beautiful appearance, low
                noise, small vibration, high degree of insulation, etc, also can
                be used in the fields of fans, pump, compressors and textile
                By adopting the 1TL0 series of motors, customer can save
                energy up to 10%, which contributes to upgrading the status
                of the industry and enhancing the competitive power of the
                安装结构型式 Construction and mounting type
                结构型式Construction type 机座带底脚,端盖无法兰 With feet and without flange on the end-shield (DE)
                安装型式Mounting type IM B3
                FS3) 80 ~ 355
                IM B6
                FS 80 ~ 160
                IM B7
                FS80 ~ 160
                IM B8
                FS 80 ~ 160
                IM V5 1)
                FS 80 ~ 160
                IM V6 2)
                FS 80 ~ 160
                结构型式Construction type 机座不带底脚,端盖有法兰
                Without feet and with flange on the end-shield (DE)
                With feet and with flange on the end-shield (DE)
                安装型式Mounting type IM B5
                FS 80 ~ 280
                IM V1 1)
                FS 80 ~ 355
                IM V3 2)
                FS 80 ~ 160
                IM B35
                FS 80 ~ 355
                IM V15 1)
                FS 80 ~ 160
                IM V35 2)
                FS 80 ~ 160
                结构型式Construction type 机座不带底脚,端盖有标准小法兰
                Without feet and with C-flange on the end-shield (DE)
                With feet and with C-flange on the end-shield (DE)
                安装型式Mounting type IM B14
                FS 80 ~ 112
                IM V18 1)
                FS 80 ~ 112
                IM V19 2)
                FS 80 ~ 112
                IM B34
                FS80 ~ 112
                1) 室外使用时推荐使用护罩(选件号 H00);
                2) 当户外安装时,推荐对电动机轴采取防护措施,避免水直接喷射到电
                3) FS - 机座号
                1) At outdoor application, the using of protective cover (Option code
                H00) is recommended
                2) At out door application the protection of shaft again jet-water is

                3) FS-frame size